From red liner to eye liner: The top 10 new cars with the largest number of female owners

From-red-line-to-eye-line-The-top-ten-new-cars-with-the-largest-female-ownershipWhile there are plenty of ladies out there that love talking about limited slip differential and weighing up the pros and cons of naturally aspirated engines vs. turbocharging, most would acknowledge that the automotive realm has traditionally been occupied by men. And even when cars have been marketed towards women, both intentionally and unintentionally, most men prefer to steer clear. But now — thanks to Inside Line’s list of 2011 models with the highest percentage of female ownership — you and your buddy can stop arguing over how girly his Mazda Miata, really is – or isn’t, given its absence on the list.

Coming in first with 57.9 percent female ownership was the Volvo S40, which is somewhat ironic given Volvo’s recent decision to nix the model for 2012. In second we have the Nissan Rogue with 56.9 percent, followed by the Volkswagen Eos with 56.4 percent.

While we aren’t able to verify the numbers, according to Inside Line, the study was carried out by Polk, a company that specializes in automotive research. Furthermore, the study doesn’t reflect the amount of women, or men for that matter, that share vehicles or are driving vehicles that are registered to their partners.

Here is the full list:

1. Volvo S40 – 57.9%


2. Nissan Rogue – 56.9%


3. Volkswagen Eos – 56.4%


4. Volkswagen New Beetle – 54.6


5. Toyota Matrix – 54.1%


6. Hyundai Tucson – 54%


7. Honda CR-V – 53.4%


8. Toyota RAV4 – 54%


9. Nissan Juke – 52.7% (tie)


10. Jeep Compass – 52.7% (tie)


Are there any cars that didn’t make the cut that you’re surprised about? Sound off in the comments section below.