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Hyundai's Genesis sub-brand will introduce its very first concept in New York

Genesis New York Concept Teaser
As one of the youngest car makers in the industry, Genesis, Hyundai’s newly-independent sub-brand, has a lot to prove. The company will introduce its very first concept during this year’s edition of the New York Auto Show.

The design study is appropriately called New York Concept. It’s still shrouded in darkness, but Genesis tells us the concept is a four-door sports sedan built to provide an accurate idea of what direction the firm’s design language will take in the coming years. A close look at the teaser reveals that the New York Concept stands out from the G90, Genesis’ only model at the time of writing, with a grille that’s gotten wider and slimmer, sharp LED headlights, and more sculpted body panels. The teaser video reveals that the concept features honeycomb-shaped vents behind the front wheels, but the rest of the car is largely left up to the imagination.

Genesis New York Concept teaser video

Full details about the Genesis New York Concept will be published in the coming days. It’s billed as simply a design study, but British magazine Autocar speculates the concept will be toned down and added to the Genesis lineup as a regular-production model badged G70. Built on a new brand-specific rear-wheel drive platform, the G70 will compete in the same hotly-contested segment as the BMW 3 Series and the Mercedes-Benz C-Class.

What’s next?

Genesis has confirmed plans to launch no less than six new models before the end of the decade. The G70 will spawn a coupe aimed right at the BMW 4 Series, and it will be joined by a bigger sedan called G80 that will slot below the range-topping G90. Two crossovers — likely designed to compete against the BMW X3 and X5, respectively — will likely round out the lineup.

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