Geneva 2013: The Huayra’s new Sonus Faber sound system might be legal in the US, but the car’s not

Pagani Huayra in the snow

Good news for the ultra-wealthy today: Sound system manufacturer Sonus Faber and supercar builder Pagani have combined forces to bring unmatched levels of audio clarity to the all-new Huayra.

Premiering at the 2013 Geneva Auto Show, the new Sonus Faber sound system – designed exclusively for the Pagani Huayra – is just as stunning to behold (photos courtesy of GTSpirit), as it is to hear.

Pagani Huayra sound system

Taking into account the out-and-out outrageousness of the Mercedes AMG V12-powered Huayra, Sonus Faber took what it learned building loudspeaker technology and applied it to the interior of the Italian hypercar. Keeping the system as lightweight as possible, Sonus Faber engineers designed a vibration-free hybrid avional aluminum and gunmetal structure that has been formed to dampen the natural resonance of the two mated materials. The result is a speaker system capable of the purest musical tones. That is, if you can hear it over the exhaust.

Pagani Huayra sound system2

As it stands, however, the Huayra isn’t exactly road legal in the U.S., so the American uber-rich who’ve ordered their Paganis will have to enjoy the Sonus Faber sound systems either on the track or at idle in their sure-to-be opulent garages.

We don’t know how much the Sonus Faber Pagani sound system will cost, and frankly we don’t want to know. The sting of the price tag might just take away from the sheer beauty of the thing. So we just won’t ask.