Geneva 2013: Kia Provo concept brings sporty styling to this Korean brand

Kia will bring a compact concept car with racy styling to the Geneva Motor Show, and it’s named after a city in Utah. The Provo’s aggressive styling could preview a production model that would add some zest to the Kia lineup.

That styling is an interesting blend of chiseled Tron-esque coupe at the front and Nissan Juke at the back. The thin strip that holds the headlights and grille leaves a big empty space at the front, creating a uniquely pugnacious face. It contrasts the curvy rear hatch, with two taillights that protrude from it like a Nissan Juke’s.

Other interesting details include the rather intense side moldings, which look like vestigial wings, and the airflow vane and tow hook on the front bumper, which make it seem like Kia wants the Provo driven on a track. The orange roof reminds us of the Citroen DS3 racing.

Speaking of the DS3, what would a production Provo’s rivals be? If Kia really does envision the Provo as a performance car, the DS3 and other small hot hatchbacks would be on the list.

On the other hand, Kia might go after the Juke or corporate sibling Hyundai’s Veloster. Kia has a line of stylish, competent cars, but it lacks something fun and frivolous to drive showroom traffic and attract younger buyers. That’s why Hyundai built the Veloster, after all.

Like the Juke and Veloster, the Provo’s styling could be its main selling point while performance and utility would be subverted.

Kia already has the funky, hip-to-be-square Soul, though. It’s unclear how the Provo and Soul would relate to each other if the the former becomes more than a concept.

We’ll get all of the details on the Provo when it is officially unveiled in Geneva later this week.