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This bonkers three-wheeled EV wants to outpace the Polaris Slingshot

Girfalco Azkarra
A startup company from Quebec is preparing an electric three-wheeler developed with an unabashed focus on performance — and we can’t wait to give it a test drive.

Dubbed Azkarra, the first model from Girfalco takes the form of a three-wheeler similar in concept to the head-turning Polaris Slingshot. The final design is still under wraps, but a dark teaser image published by the Canadian firm suggest the Azkarra features a wedge-shaped open-top body with a low front end, pronounced front fenders, and an integrated roll bar.

Unlike the Slingshot, the Azkarra will exclusively be offered with a battery-electric drivetrain. In its most basic configuration it’s equipped with a single electric motor that zaps the lone rear wheel. Buyers who want more power and more grip will be asked to step up to the S model, which adds torque vectoring and a three-motor all-wheel drive system. Girfalco boldly promises the Azkarra S will be the quickest model in its category, and capable of keeping up with more expensive four-wheeled cars.

The Azkarra isn’t a stripped-down, track-only machine that’s uncomfortable to drive out on the open road. The list of standard features includes a pair of bucket seats, a stereo system with Kenwood speakers, two USB ports, AUX inputs, and Bluetooth connectivity.

Additionally, nearly every aspect of the roadster can be customized during the production process. Enthusiasts can select unique paint jobs inspired by the flags of different nations, contrast stitching in the cabin, a suede-upholstered steering wheel, as well as many different alloy wheel designs.

Girfalco is putting the final touches on the Azkarra. We’ll find out more details about the innovative vehicle — including what it’s powered by and whether or not it will be sold in the United States — when it makes its full debut next week.

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