GM Unveils EN-V Concept: Reduces Emissions, Driver’s Dignity

Today General Motors introduced its vision for the future of urban mobility. Predicting that 60 percent of the world’s 8 billion people will live in urban areas by 2030, GM and its strategic partner, Shanghai Automotive Industry Corp. Group (SAIC) decided it was time to tackle the transportation issues of tomorrow. The companies introduced three new Electric Networked-Vehicles (EN-V), each representing a different characteristic of the enjoyable nature of future transportation: Jiao (Pride), Miao (Magic) and Xiao (Laugh). All three models feature drive-by-wire technology, produce zero emissions, and the ability to select the fastest route based on real-time traffic information. They can also be recharged from a conventional wall outlet and can go around 25 miles on a single charge.

Check out addition information from GM’s press release and press kit.