Go topless faster than ever in the new McLaren MP4-12C Spider

If you got excited back in February when McLaren’s new MP4-12C finally made it to the States, try not to drool too much when you take a peek at the pictures the company just released of the new drop-top model, the MP4-12C Spider. 

With its Transformer-esque retractable hard top that can be operated while you’re on the move, McLaren’s latest build takes on a sexy new look that accentuates its sleek design. If there was anything that could make driving an MP4-12C more fun, driving with the top down was surely it. What could be better than hearing the roar of a twin turbo V8 at full throttle while the wind blows your hair back?

For more details on the 12C Spider’s specs, be sure to check out our full post on the car.