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Google Glass + Cadillac CTS-V + Monticello Motor Club = Snore fest

Fox News Google Glass track drive

With the popularity of self-made track-day videos, the Fox News story of using Google Glass to video a lap around the Monticello Motor Club in a Cadillac CTS-V seemed like a great idea.

What wasn’t great, however, was the execution.

The host started off with an informative and punchy intro. From there, it fell quickly apart.

The host admits he’s not a “professional racing driver,” which becomes painfully clear during his lap. While he’s no racecar driver, he must be a Sammy Hagar fan because he appears to keep the 556 horsepower CTS-V under 55 the entire lap around, what he calls, “one of America’s longest and most challenging racetracks.”

Offering up zero feedback on the car, track, or innovative Google Glass, the video comes to an abrupt end as the host says to his cameraman, “I think we got that…”

What we do like about the video is the clarity of image from the Google Glass. We can easily tell these will quickly take hold amongst track day enthusiasts and others enraptured with sharing their POV driving experience.

At this point we’d like to give the Fox host some credit for trying but we can’t because the blasé lap and video in its entirety left us wondering why they bothered to even post.

We urge the good folks at Google to lend us a pair of the shades to produce many car and motorcycle track videos actually worth sharing.

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