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Aluminum or carbon fiber chassis? With the Mazzanti Evantra supercar, it’s your pick

Once formerly known as the Mugello, the new Evantra is the first car born from tiny Italian supercar maker Mazzanti. When rumors of the Evantra spread, they hinted at a 600-horsepower monster with a flat six-cylinder like a Porsche. For the first time perhaps ever, the real thing wildly out shadows the rumors.

Evantra makes 700 horsepower 625 pound-feet of torque from a tuned 7.0-liter V8. Don’t start drooling yet Giuseppe; it gets better. This Italian stallion’s power is sent to the rear hooves through a six-speed sequential gearbox operated with paddle shifters.     

This mostly-aluminum engine benefits from dry-sump lubrication, keeping its titanium connecting rods and valves well oiled. Why must this special breed of V8 engine need titanium and aluminum parts? It’s no children’s party pony.

The Evantra will accelerate from 0 to 60 in a death-defying 3.2 seconds. No wonder Lucca Mazzanti named her after the Etruscan Goddess of immortality. A top speed of 217 mph is achieved through the use of a chrome-molybdenum chassis and sleek aerodynamic bodywork. Mazzanti brought in YSIM engineering firm to make sure Italian goddess made all the right numbers, not just impressions.

One would surmise that a goddess would only come in one beautiful design, but the Evanti is available in your choice of a carbon fiber or aluminum body. Amazingly, this beautiful being comes in a whispering weight of only 3,000 pounds!

Further ungodly performance additions include 20-inch OZ wheels shoed with Continental tires, six-piston Brembo brakes and four-pistons in the rear. Optional carbon-ceramic discs are up for grabs, as well as electronically adjustable the engine and gearbox settings, ranging from Strada to Corsa.

Just gazing at this beauty in the flesh – or carbon fiber, rather – would amaze me. Sadly, only five of these highly customized vehicles are sculpted a year, so I may never get the chance.

Suffice to say, the interior is just a stunning. The full luxury experience includes leather and carbon on every surface touchable, and a roof-mounted starter button relating back to the original Antas V8.

If this highly customizable goddess of a vehicle from Mazzanti Automobili isn’t enough to satisfy your Etruscan lore of old, just imagine yourself with a watch and personal luggage to match. 

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