Headlights, camera, action: Hollywood’s top 10 most memorable cars

best cars header hollywood movies delorean back the futureIt’s clear our passion for cars runs deep here at Digital Trends, but we’re also quite fond of those talking picture squares Hollywood can’t stop producing. In our attempt to meld the two together, we’ve come up with our list of Hollywood’s top 10 most memorable cars. Check them out and be sure to drop in your own suggestions in the comments section below.

KITT (Knight Rider)

Long before his drunken cheeseburger binge — and even before his glistening chest hair raced across the sandy, babe-filled beaches of Baywatch — David Hasselhoff was out battling crime as Michael Knight in the 1980s television series, Knight Rider. While Hasselhoff’s acting was forgettable, what made the series so legendary was ultra-advanced Knight Industries Two Thousand (KITT) supercar that was nigh indestructible and could actually talk to the Hoff. Shame KITT didn’t warn him about the cheeseburger and Baywatch Nights.

knightrider car

Black Beauty (The Green Hornet)

Even though Kato and the titular Green Hornet soaked up much of the spotlight, the real hero of this classic 1960s series, and not-so-classic 2011 feature film starring Seth Rogen, was, is, and forever will be, the ever so cool custom built 1966 Imperial Crown. Costing $50,000 to make and sporting some impressive technology like rockets and explosive charges, the Black Beauty not only deserves its name but its place on our list.

green hornet black beauty car

Bumble Bee (Transformers)

Nerds, geeks, and Transformers fans the world over collectively shook their heads in disgust upon learning that their beloved Bumble Bee — originally a Volkswagen Beetle — was to be replaced by a bow-tie wearing 1970s Chevy Camaro for 2007’s Transformers film. Thankfully our collective nerd-rage never flew into an endless downward spiral of Mountain Dew, Hot Pockets, and shame as we were treated to the sleek and stylish 5th generation pony car. Not only was the car impressive in its own right, but the ability for it to…wait for it…transform (see what we did there?) into a Decepticon-battling Autobot was nothing short of jaw-dropping.

bumblebee camero transformers movie

DeLorean DMC-12 (Back to the Future)

One of the coolest, most memorable cars from our childhood would have to the Delorean DMC-12. While the stainless steel beauty was perfectly eye-catching in its own right, it was the Back to the Future franchise that made Delorean the memorable machine it is today – that and its 1.21-gigawatt nuclear engine, gullwing doors, flux capacitor, and of course, time traveling capabilities. Just keep an eye out for those pesky Libyans!

delorean car back to the future

Batmobile (Batman, Batman Returns)

The Batmobile has seen a lot of incarnations over the years, and while some would argue that the latest version plucked from Christopher Nolan’s epic trilogy cuts the most imposing, high-tech profile, it is Tim Burton’s Batmobile from the 1989 Batman film starring Michael Keaton that has etched itself into our collective memory. Not only was it bullet-proof, sported two M1919 Browning machine guns hidden under each fender, featured a voice recognition system, and a host of other gadgetry, but it also begged the very simple question: “Where does he get all those wonderful toys?”

The Interceptor (Mad Max)

With a name like the Interceptor can there truly be any doubt over its awesomeness? Good, because our next four-wheeled death-dealing machine comes from George Miller’s 1979 sci-fi classic Mad Max. Utilizing an Australian Ford XB Falcon Coupe , and driven by a young Mel Gibson, the Interceptor was the perfect set of wheels to tear it up and seek vengeance in a bleak dystopian future where mercy gave way to might.

mad max interceptor car

Dodge M4S Interceptor (The Wraith)

There’s a lot we can complain about with regards to the 1980s: Bad hair, androgynous-looking dudes, this, but we’re not going to. Instead we’ll focus on this gem of a tale about a mysterious man (Charlie Sheen) on a vengeful mission to eliminate a tyrannical gang of thugs. His weapon of choice: the Wraith, an M4S Turbo Interceptor co-developed by Dodge and PPG Industries. The car reportedly cost $1.5 million and featured a mid-engine layout with a 2.2-liter twin-turbo four that’s said to have pumped out over 400 horsepower with a top speed around 200 miles per hour. We can’t say with certainty, but we’re pretty sure it didn’t run on tiger blood, just awesome…and maybe gasoline…maybe.

the wraith Dodge M4S Turbo Interceptor car

Audi RSQ (iRobot)

Where to begin with the Audi RSQ? Should we mention its ultra-futuristic emotive design? Should we talk about its advanced autonomous-driving technology? Or should we just focus on the ever-so-dreamy Fresh Prince of Bel-Air himself, Will Smith, at the helm? Never mind, you can scratch that last one. The iRobot Audi or Audi RSQ as it is officially known features a laundry list of gadgetry we have come to appreciate and love. What’s more, it still looks impressive eight years after its 2004 film debut with its spherical wheels and reverse butterfly doors. And if you couldn’t tell, it went on to inspire the even-sexier-than-Will Smith R8.

irobot audi r8

BMW i8 (Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol)

Naturally, a film like Mission Impossible:Ghost Protocol is going to feature some smart gadgets and jaw-dropping stunts. Everything from building-scaling Gecko Gloves to bionic contact lenses was all on hand to amaze. But being the gadget-loving gearheads that we are, what really had us floored was the sporty, sexy, and stylish BMW i8 complete with its dynamic touchscreen interface integrated directly into the windshield. What makes it even better is that starting in 2014 the i8 won’t just be a plaything of the IMF team, but available to all of us would-be super spies.

mission impossible bmw i8 movie car

Lexus 2054 (Minority Report)

Like the Audi RSQ, which was designed exclusively for iRobot, the Lexus 2054 was specifically engineered to feature in Steven Spielberg’s 2002 sci-fi thriller Minority Report. As its name suggests the Lexus 2054 is a car that calls the future its home, sporting some of the most advanced technological wizardry we’ve ever seen in a concept car of the future. Not only could the Lexus 2054 self-repair and drive itself via its autonomous driving capabilities, but it featured an advanced heads-up display complete with gesture controls and DNA-encrypted, biometric security and ignition system.

minority report lexus 2054

Aston Martin V12 Vanquish (Die Another Day)

There have been many Bond cars (and ladies) worth remembering throughout the years, and while the more popular choice would have been to select the gadget-filled DB5 showcased in 1964’s Bond blockbuster, Goldfinger, the nod inevitably went to V12 Vanquish, also known by its MI-6 codename, the Vanish, for one reason: adaptive camouflage cloaking system . Its twin .50 caliber autocannons, front grille-concealed rocket, tire spikes, and passenger ejector seat didn’t hurt either.

aston martin vanquish james bond die another day

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