Honda begins testing the lonely guy Micro Commuter EV

Honda Micro Commuter

Honda isn’t quite convinced that electric vehicles (EVs) are the alternative energy driving future. That’s why its Fit EV will only be available for lease in the US. Back in Japan, however, Honda is at work testing a new EV prototype: the Micro Commuter.

Autoblog Green reports that the testing of the Micro Commuter for 2013 has been spearheaded by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism. In its current form, the Micro Commuter is one-seater but can be converted for inline seating for two, which proves the eco-driving future might be a lonely one.

At 8’4” long and 4’1” wide, it’s smaller than the Smart ForTwo. Not only is it short in stature, it’s also short on range. The Micro Commuter will only be able to travel 60 miles per charge and only reach a top speed of 50. The benefit to this short, short-range EV is that it can re-charge in an estimated three hours.

The Micro Commuter is based upon Honda’s Variable Design Platform, which is similar to the skateboard-style concept platform we’ve seen from other automakers in the past. Encapsulating the battery pack, control unit, and 15-kW electric motor into one unit allows for the installation of another body on top, potentially increasing versatility.

With Honda’s resistance to EVs, especially stateside, it’s doubtful the US will see anything like the Micro Commuter anytime soon. It’s neat to learn about, however, what eco-friendly bachelors of the future might commute in.

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