Honda says its upcoming Civic Type R will have a top speed of 167 mph. We say, we can’t wait

Honda Civic Type R teaser

After recently confirming that a production version of the Civic Type R will come to Geneva after a multitude of concepts, Honda is now teasing us with images and a few details to get us sufficiently amped for the reveal.

In its latest announcement, Honda emphasized the host of design enhancements that have been developed for the car through extensive aerodynamic testing. A wide front splitter, in conjunction with the side skirts reduce lift and manage the airflow around the car. The front bumper has a shape to it that’s designed to prevent air turbulence building up around the front wheels and adding drag.

Honda Civic Type R teaser

Beyond that, Honda has stated that the underside of the Type R is nearly completely flat, which will give the car incredible downforce as the air slipping out the rear diffuser essentially sucks the car on to the track or road.

We know that the Civic Type R will be powered with a brand new 2.0-liter direct injection VTEC turbo four-cylinder, but they haven’t specified any performance numbers… until now.

The engine output is rumored to be in the ballpark of around 275 horsepower, but that has yet to be confirmed. What Honda *is* saying, however, is that the engine output, combined with all the aerodynamic work applied to the final product will result in the Civic Type R being capable of 167 miles per hour.

That’s a big number for a little sporty hatchback.

Honda Civic Type R teaser

Bringing all this to a halt will be a high performance Brembo Brake package designed specifically for the car. The four-piston calipers will be housed in bespoke 19-inch allow wheels designed to accommodate such massive brakes.

The eagerly anticipated Civic Type R will have the sheet pulled off of it at the Geneva Auto Show this March. We expect to be properly dazzled by this car’s unveiling, and not solely because of the Championship White paint color it will be wearing to the show.