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Honda’s rumored S660 Type R could be the ‘kei’ to pint-sized performance

At the 2015 New York Auto Show, Honda showcased a renewed focus on performance with the aggressive Civic Concept, but the automaker isn’t stopping there.

Australian media outlet Motoring is reporting that the upcoming S660 roadster (pictured) could gain a hotter Type R variant next year. Don’t expect the micro-machine to boast anywhere close to the Civic Type R’s 305 horsepower though, as the 1829-pound kei car will likely produce around 100 ponies from its mid-mounted, 660-cc three-cylinder turbo.

If you’re familiar with Japanese law, you know that kei car output is currently capped at 47 kW (63 hp) to keep CO2 emissions down. This may be changing in 2016, however, as members of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (such as the U.S.) are lobbying for the dissolution of that regulation to encourage overseas competition.

If and when that happens, Honda will be ready with a more powerful, sharply-styled S660 Type R.

As we reported in November, Honda may also be prepping a larger, even more powerful S1000 variant. Like the name suggests, the car is expected to equip a 1.0-liter turbocharged three-cylinder with around 127 hp. Better yet, it may be an export model unlike its smaller sibling.

Revered Honda tuner Mugen, who styled the sharp S660 above, is reportedly involved with the S1000’s development as well. The car will be 200mm wider and 150mm longer than the S660, with larger tires, a hard roof, and a top-mounted ‘snorkel-type’ air intake to boot.

With its slew of sporty kei cars, dynamic global Civic platform, and a new NSX arriving soon, it’s clearly a great time to be a fan of Honda Motor Company.

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