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Take a peek at what the adventure-ready camper van of 2025 looks like

Hymer, a German firm specializing in making camper vans and motor homes, teamed up with a chemical and engineering company named BASF to build a concept that previews what spending a few days off the grid will realistically look like in 2025. The VisionVenture concept made its global debut at a massive camping trade show held in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Look closely, squint, and you might notice the concept started life as a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. That’s the same van drivers use to deliver your Amazon orders. The custom-made body largely hides the VisionVenture’s humble origins, while clearing out a spacious, well-lit cabin in which two passengers can comfortably ride and sleep. Hymer pointed out that some of the add-ons — including the fender flares — were 3D-printed. The technology remains ill-suited to mass production, but it’s ideal for making small batches of parts, such as for a one-off concept car.

The back part of the VisionVenture fully opens to give the occupants a nearly unobstructed view of the outside world. Wood flooring makes it feel like an outdoor deck, and Hymer even added a built-in barbecue, though the rest of the camper might reek for days of whatever you’ve been grilling. Make your way toward the cab, and you’ll walk by a full kitchen, a bathroom, and a staircase that goes to the roof-mounted bed. It’s surprisingly uncluttered for a camper, and it’s largely made with natural materials like wood, so it almost looks like an upmarket Scandinavian apartment.

The VisionVenture’s technical specifications remain under wraps, but motor home manufacturers rarely make major mechanical changes to the donor vehicles they start with. It’s reasonable to assume power comes from a stock, Sprinter-sourced turbodiesel engine that sends its power to the four wheels via an automatic transmission. This combination gives the VisionVenture unbeatable driving range, while letting it take its occupants far off the beaten path.

Hymer hasn’t announced concrete plans to build the VisionVenture concept; it’s merely a design study built to be as eye-catching as possible. The company’s 2019 catalog includes several Sprinter-based models, however, and the 2025 time frame gives it plenty of time to figure out how to turn the concept into a reality.

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