I thought 2 was better than 1; BMW replaces 1 Series with less dynamic-looking 2 Series

i thought 2 was better than 1 bmw replaces series with less dynamic looking
What happened to the gorgeous lines of the old 1 Series or the visual dynamism of the 3?

BMW is set to officially unveil the new 2 Series this Friday. And before we see the well Photoshopped photos from Bimmer itself, we’re privy to some sneak peek pictures snapped by 2Addicts during a dealer presentation.

Screen Shot 2013-10-21 at 9.22.19 PM

The early look is of the high-end M235i model in lustrous red. Underneath the hood, BMW engineers have bolted a 320-horsepower 3.0 inline six-cylinder, which sends power to the rear wheels.

Although not pictured above, BMW will also offer a 220i sporting a 180-horsepower 2.0-liter four-cylinder that will, too, send power to the rear.

I absolutely love the looks of the new 3 Series and I was expecting to love the looks of the new 2 Series even more, as the 1 Series had been my favorite modern Bimmer on the market. After a quick glance at this M235i, though, I’m not so sure I love its lines.

It’s a bit too subdued for my tastes. Where are the sharp lines? Where’s the attitude? I’m just not seeing it. I worry BMW designers simply scaled down and ironed out the distinctive visual characteristics of the 3 to make the 2.

There is a chance for redemption, though. If Bimmer prices it right, I could forgive its bland outward aesthetics. After all, while the Audi A3 is all-wheel drive and the Mercedes CLA is front-wheel, the BMW 2 Series will retain its rear-wheel drive dynamism.

Perhaps the Germans can change my opinion of the 2 with some well-lit photos. We’ll have to wait and see. So be sure to check back Friday for the full production photos and further production specs.