Infiniti infinitely teases it’s Geneva-bound EMERG-E electric sportscar

After months, and months of teasing, Infiniti has finally unveiled its EMERG-E range-extended sports car concept. Oh wait, no it hasn’t. Taunting us yet again, the Japanese automaker has released very little about its new plug-in electric sports car concept. Other than a few vague images, not much else is known, but according to Infiniti, the company plans to finally show off its latest creation at next month’s Geneva Motor Show.

Apart from the high level of curiosity stemming from what the car will actually look like. Infiniti’s EMERG-E is of note because it will reportedly be the first car from Nissan’s luxury stable that will feature both a mid-mounted drivetrain and range-extended drivetrain.

Powering the mysterious car will be 1.2-liter range-extending gas engine mounted in the middle of the concept. By mounting the engine in the middle of the car, Infiniti says the EMERG-E will enjoy a superior weight distribution thanks to its layout.

Of course the big question remains unanswered. What will be the EMERG-E’s range? Well, according to Infiniti the car will fall into the “respectable” category, but that answer is almost as vague, if not more so, than the images we have so far of the sporty concept.

But if we had to speculate on the range (and we certainly do) we imagine that with a 1.2-liter engine similar to the Chevy Volt (which boasts a 1.4-liter engine) expect the Infiniti to collect around 37 MPG.