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Scared of zombies? Inkas’ upgraded Sentry APC will make the apocalypse fear you

Inkas Armored Sentry APC
In 2015, the Inkas Armored Sentry APC was quite the capable machine. Able to shrug off machine gun rounds and hand grenade blasts with ease, the “tactical attack and defense vehicle” could handle just about anything the world could throw at it. In 2016, however, the APC has gained a few new toys.

The upgraded, next-generation Sentry now features potent riot-control technology, including a powerful acoustic hailing device that can be used to address and deal with unruly crowds. If the horde happens to bring earplugs, the Sentry has a backup plan — a removable, vehicle-mounted barrier to simply push dissenters out of the way.

“We are proud to announce the upgraded Sentry in the Inkas APC family,” said Major General David Fraser, COO of Inkas. “This machine is unique in terms of technical specifications, design and assembly. We know how important it is to securely and comfortably transport the passengers within an APC in various challenging environments and have implemented the latest innovations to ensure this.”

Inkas Armored Sentry APC

The additions give the Sentry a heightened ability to confront large throngs of people, but the APC is far from helpless without them. Based on a heavy-duty truck platform, the vehicle’s high ground clearance and 362-horsepower diesel V8 are aimed at helping ii survive even the harshest environmental conditions, and its impressive armored skin is built to keep all eight passengers safe from harm.

Fitted with all the trimmings, the Sentry boasts BR7-level armor protection, which is tough enough to withstand 7.62 mm high-powered rifle rounds, as well as two DM51 hand grenade explosions. The armor lines the perimeter of the passenger compartment, however the engine bay and other mechanical components are reinforced as well.

The glass is multilayered and resistant to ballistics, but if you’re going against someone with perfect aim, the invulnerable beast features Inkas’ proprietary overlap system to keep bullets from sneaking through the door seams. In addition, the Sentry offers options like an escape hatch, 360-degree cameras, a smart ventilation system, and an emergency light package. If the going gets really tough, the vehicle can be configured as a mobile command center or medical evacuation vehicle.

Apocalypse, you may have met your match.

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