Is the one-off Lamborghini Egoista the next Batmobile? It better be…

Lamborghini is in the midst of celebrating its 50th anniversary. Earlier this week, it organized a drive across Italy consisting of 350 Lamborghinis. At the end of the drive, Lamborghini hosted a dinner at which it unveiled this: the Egoista, the Italian supercar brand’s latest concept.

Lamborghini President and CEO, Stephan Winkelmann, revealed the one-off Egoista to an unsuspecting crowd. We’re sure it’s no accident that both the word “ego” and the suffix “ista” are found in the one-off hypercar’s name.

What’s under the hood of the striking Batmobile-like Egoista? A 5.2-liter V10 producing 600 horsepower. While we’ve not heard it, we’re sure it sounds like pure motoring sex.

The single-seater cockpit was “designed like a tailor-made suit for the driver, is a removable section which, once combined with the rest of the vehicle, creates a perfect technical, mechanical and aerodynamic unit,” Lamborghini’s press site reveals.

The design, Lamborghini’s designers say, was intended to be highly muscular. We don’t necessarily agree as the beak makes us think more venomous demon and less sinewy muscle-bound maven.

This is the second time this year that Lamborghini has surprised the motoring world with a concept car. The first was the Veneno, of which only three examples were made. Based upon the Aventador, the Veneno produced 740 horsepower and topped out at 221 mph. Lamborghini recently put the three Venenos up for sale, each sold for nearly $3-million.

We wonder if Lambo will keep the Egoista for its personal collection or sell it. Either way, it absolutely must be the next Batmobile. There’s no way around it. It must.

Who gets the Egoista? Batman? Tony Stark? Vin Diesel? You? Comment below.

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