It’s not what you know… World’s first Model S delivered to Tesla board member

Tesla Model S Steve JurvetsonSitting on the Board of Tesla Motors certainly has its benefits, and for Steve Jurvetson, it’s the chance to become the owner of the very first Model S to roll out of the factory. Jurvetson, a director of the venture capitalist firm Draper Fisher Jurvetson, took ownership of Model S #001 at a packed ceremony held at Tesla’s Palo Alto, California headquarters earlier this week.

The moment was captured for posterity on video, which you can see below, and features Tesla’s Chief Technical Officer, JB Straubel handing over the key to Jurvetson, who gives a brief speech before driving the car — complete with TSLA S1 license plate — out into the world.

Naturally, he was quite excited, and sung the praises of electric vehicles in his words, saying “we’ll all look back ten to twenty years from now and realize this was the future, and all cars were to be electric.”

He added that next year, all the cars in his “personal fleet” will be made by Tesla, and he “will never have to buy gasoline again.”

So how did Jurvetson grab the very first Model S, and not Tesla CEO Elon Musk? According to an article published in 2010, Jurvetson spotted a concept Model S during an investment meeting, and said simply that he had to have one.

Obviously one for dramatic gestures, he wrote a check for the full price of the car right then, and Musk, who was sitting at the same table, said “well, I guess you get the first car.” Musk isn’t going to have to join the long waiting list though, as he’ll be getting car number two.

For all us mere mortals, who don’t have the financial means to splash out the $57,000 to $104,000 needed to secure a Model S, we can watch those who can on June 22, when Tesla will livestream the first public deliveries on its website.