It’s organized chaos as the World Record for the most cars doing donuts simultaneously is smashed

Infineon Drift World RecordAt a special event held at the Infineon Raceway yesterday, a total of 75 cars performed donuts for at least 15-seconds to smash the “Most Cars Performing Donuts Simultaneously” Guinness World Record.

The event’s organizers have sent proof of the record-beating attempt to Guinness, and they expect to take the title from a group in Queensland, Australia, who set the existing record with 57 cars spinning on the spot back in 2010. The cars were driven by both professional and amateur drifters, all from Northern California, who were also at the track for the weekly Sonoma Drift event.

If you’re wondering just how much noise 75 cars doing donuts can produce, then there are several videos on YouTube that will give you an idea. Just be thankful it doesn’t have a smell-o-vision option, as the stench from 150 burning tires must have been overpowering.

Freed from the danger of choking to death, one can watch in amazement as the cars spin around and avoid having any accidents at all. According to a post on, there were several near-misses at the start, but nothing more serious than that.

If you check out the second video below, shot from ground level, it appears this was more luck than judgement, as the amount of tire smoke would make it almost impossible to see an out-of-control car until it was too late.

As an aside, anyone wanting to know the World Record for the most amount of consecutive donut spins made by a single car, it’s a dizzying 283. Set by professional driver Jamie Morrow in the UK last year, he used a Westfield Sport to more than double the existing record, and it took 17 minutes to do so.