Jaguar pauses crossover plans, debates new entry-level sedan

Jaguar F Type Trio

In an interview with Autocar, Jaguar’s global brand director, Adrian Hallmark, detailed ideas for a 3 Series competitor that sounds less like a German rip-off and more like a Cadillac ATS rival.

Right now, Jaguar sells around 60,000 vehicles world wide each year according to Autocar. When compared to Mercedes-Benz, those sales numbers are nearly laughable and Jaguar smartly seems to realize this. Hallmark said in his Autocar interview, “It took Audi 20 years to build up to where it is. For us to come in and go to the top of the league is impossible…” Presently Jaguar is eager to find a gap in the market to exploit.

In order to effectively compete with its luxury brand rivals, Jaguar seems likely to develop a lightweight platform based upon the Premium Lightweight Architecture (PLA) aluminum platform technology used in the new Range Rover. From there, Jaguar could build all sizes of vehicles at relatively low cost, all in its Castle Bromwich plant.

Jaguar F Type Sketch

Although Jag has scrapped its crossover plans for now, it hasn’t ruled out a small 3 Series size sedan or coupe, powered by turbocharged four-cylinder engines. With its emphasis on lightness and new engines, the Jag plan sounds more like a Cadillac tear sheet than that of a German automaker.

On the flipside, Jag might even go the way of Mercedes and introduce a new entry-level, front-wheel drive vehicle like the CLA.

Regardless of what Jaguar decides to do, it needs to do it fast. Industry analysts figure Jaguar has to double its global sales in the next few years if it wishes to remain partnered alongside Land Rover.