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Jarvish adds Alexa and AR to make its motorcycle helmet even smarter

Adding Amazon Alexa support to the new Jarvish X-AR smart motorcycle helmet’s feature set was a savvy decision. Riders don’t necessarily need to worry about learning how to manage the new lid when they can ask Alexa for what they want.

Tech-loving riders may expect voice assistant interfaces in smart helmets. If less technology-enamored bikers are attracted to the convenience, entertainment, and safety features in smart helmets, however, they might be more than happy to let Alexa manage everything via voice commands.

Alexa is the most common voice assistant, but the X-AR smart helmet will also support Siri and Google, according to the Jarvish website.

The X-AR’s head-up display will keep riders informed about traffic and weather conditions with contextual augmented reality data shown at eye level on the inside of the helmet’s face shield. Navigation directions, smartphone notifications, and entertainment media controls also will be in easy view.

Alexa will operate through the helmet’s microphone and internal speakers, responding to nav requests, media selection, volume, and more.

With Alexa in control of the helmet’s front and rear, wide-angle, 2K cameras, riders can have a 360-degree view without taking their eyes off the road ahead.

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The Jarvish X-AR has a carbon fiber shell for light weight and strength. Noise reduction tech cuts road noise to enhance two-way audio communication.

Paired with Android and iOS smartphones via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, the X-AR will be good for about four hours of battery life, according to Wareable. The new Jarvish head protector will include 16GB of built-in storage and can accommodate 256GB of entertainment media via removable memory cards.

Smart motorcycle helmets add features not only because it is easier to fit extra components in a helmet than in a smartwatch or smartphone, but also because the rider market has proved ready, willing, and able to pay for tech-loaded headgear.

The Jarvish X-AR won’t ship until early 2019 and will probably cost more than $1,000, according to Trusted Reviews. Wareable reports that anyone who signs up for the Jarvish newsletter on the helmet company’s website will be eligible for a 35 percent discount when the X-AR is ready to ship.

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