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Jay Leno and the former Stig race around in Aston Martins

EXCLUSIVE: James Bond’s 2017 Aston Martin DB11 - Jay Leno’s Garage
What do you get when you combine elements from two hit car shows from opposite sides of the pond? In the most recent episode of Jay Leno’s Garage, an automotive show that explores everything car culture, Leno got to race alongside Ben Collins, the former Top Gear Stig, in brand new Aston Martins.

Leno and Collins got behind the new prototype Aston Martin DB11 and V12 Vantage S and raced them around Willow Springs. Because Leno was behind the DB11, which is still in development, he really couldn’t thrash the car around as much as he would have liked. That still didn’t stop Collins, who was also the stunt driver for Quantum of Solace, from driving around like a lunatic. The two tried to recreate a movie car scene to the best of their ability, even with the restricted speed limit.

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Jay Leno has been on a roll since leaving the Tonight Show. He started up a YouTube channel titled Jay Leno’s Garage which was soon spun off into a television series for CNBC. The show has been monumentally successful, actually becoming the most watched CNBC freshman program. Recently, Leno escaped serious injury when a stunt car flipped over multiple times while filming. Amazingly Leno and the driver walked out unharmed.

Collins too has kept busy, and not just as a stunt driver. He’s been working on video game development, and contributed heavily to the recent and excellent Project Cars, a sim racing game from Slightly Mad Studios.

Leno still continues to update his YouTube channel, giving more in-depth looks at various cars. From the Acura NSX to more obscure cars like the Rocket II Trike, just about every vehicle you could think of has ended up in Leno’s garage.

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