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Jeep will pour on the luxury with new model to rival Land Rover’s Range Rover

Jeep and Land Rover have co-existed for decades never truly as competitors, but more as acquaintances who each understand the other’s similar set of skills. The relationship has been cordial; Land Rover is fully aware that Jeep craves the roads less traveled, and Jeep is wise to the fact than should a Land Rover driver ever choose to take the trails instead of the boulevards, most Land Rovers have the skills to keep up.

That said, Jeep has never played the same game as Land Rover. Sure, the new Grand Cherokee can be optioned up to a veritable mid-range luxury vehicle, but it would be laughable to consider the two as rivals in terms of off-road capability AND luxurious appointments.

Well, it would now appear Jeep would rather be a competitor than an acquaintance, as news of a Range Rover-rivaling model has emerged.

It is well known by now that Jeep is working on a new flagship SUV to receive the “Grand Wagoneer” name, and it was expected that this model would rival the Range Rover, but reportedly a wholly separate and more luxurious model will extend the challenge.

Sergio Marchionne, CEO of FCA, within which Jeep finds its home, has said, “When I see a Range Rover on the street, my blood boils, because we should be able to do a thing like that and we will.”  The executive also said the company is “working on it now” and noted the model wasn’t included in the company’s five-year plan because the automaker didn’t want to show their cards too soon.

Presumably, the new luxury model will ride on the Grand Wagoneer’s platform, but similar to how Land Rover develops “Autobiography” versions of its SUV’s with more luxurious, powerful, and obviously expensive treatments, Jeep will build a cabin, design, and powerplant to match Range Rover’s “trés cher” visage.

Expect the Range Rover rival to go on sale sometime after Jeep reveals the Grand Wagoneer in 2018.

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