Jeep to celebrate Easter Safari at Moab with customized Wrangler and Grand Cherokee

   Jeep Wrangler Slim teaserEvery year, Jeep throws its most hardcore fans a big party in Moab, Utah called the Easter Jeep Safari, with plenty of opportunities to test Jeeps’ legendary off-road capabilities, plus a few concept vehicles. This year is no different; Jeep is teasing a customized Wrangler and Grand Cherokee that will appear at Moab this year.

Jeep will bring six concepts to the Safari this year, but so far the company is only hinting at what two of them might be. The Wrangler Slim appears to be a two-door Jeep with some cosmetic enhancements.

Jeep’s designers apparently liked the way the Wrangler’s hard top and fenders contrast its red body, and decided to continue the theme. The Slim gets black-and-red beadlock rims, as well as a blacked-out grille.

The front fenders, front bumper, and grille now flow into each other, which gives the Slim a more butch look but doesn’t make much sense, considering that customizers will probably remove some of this bodywork for better clearance.

In the teaser photo, the Slim is also in a very un-Jeep environment: a city. Its owner obviously got so frustrated by sitting in traffic that he or she decided to drive into a construction area to thrash the Wrangler.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk II teaserJeep’s other Easter surprise is the Grand Cherokee Trailhawk II. It’s a sequel to the original Trailhawk that debuted at last year’s Easter Jeep Safari, and eventually went into production as a 2013 model.

Last year’s Trailhawk featured a Quadra-Lift air suspension system that could raise the SUV 11 inches, Goodyear Silent Armor Kevlar tires, and a graphics package that gave the Grand Cherokee more personality, looking like something out of the 1970s.

The Trailhawk II looks like it will be even more of an eye-catcher than the first version. It will wear jack o’ lantern orange paint with black trim and five-spoke aluminum wheels.

The Jeep Wrangler Slim and Grand Cherokee Trailhawk II will debut along with the other four 2013 Easter Safari concepts in the coming weeks. Get ready to get dirty.