Clarkson’s latest tweet shows that life after Top Gear still has plenty of ‘Powerrrrrrr!’

Just what exactly are you up to, Mr. Clarkson?

The sensation of Jeremy Clarkson’s ousting from Top Gear may be over, but his fans would still like to know what he’s up to now that the whole ‘fracas’ and the subsequent fallout has subsided. They might get his answer soon, as his latest Twitter post has revealed he’s doing something, and it happens to involve a car.

Throughout the whole affair, Jezza managed to keep his trouble-making mouth shut, emerging only to implore is more rabid supporters to leave assaulted producer Oisin Tymon alone. The former presenter finally directly addressed the incident in an article in the Sunday Times.

“The BBC has taken my gun and my badge,” Clarkson said at the beginning of the article, continuing on to talk about the state of affairs that played a part in his outburst. He ended the piece saying that “I have lost my baby but I shall create another,” indicating that he will be embarking on a new automobile-related endeavor.

In his latest tweet, we see a familiar site: A car, a camera crew and a vast, open location that looks to be a replacement for Top Gear’s Dunsfold test track.

The car in question is the new 2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06. As our winner for 2015 Performance Car of the Year, Jezza really couldn’t have picked a better car to kick off a post-Top Gear project. What’s most curious is whatever is happening in the background of the snapshot.

In the middle of the field sits a gold-sheeted table where at least two men sit dressed as commentators to the proceedings. Also, call us crazy, but that cold-looking blurry gentleman with his hands in his pockets looks sort of like Richard Hammond. Whether on purpose or not, this picture has enough clues in it to have hooked our curiosity. We don’t know exactly what’s happening here, but we’re already excited.