Just as we predicted, Tesla Model S wins 2013 Motor Trend Car of the Year award

Tesla Model S

After picking up Automobile Magazine’s 2013 Car of the Year award, we predicted lat last week  Tesla Motors and its ambitious EV, the Model S, would invariably snatch up Motor Trend’s 2013 Car of the Year Award. And it would appear that the stars don’t lie, as the Model S has indeed been handed the coveted award, marking what is undoubtedly an exciting and significant day for electric vehicle enthusiasts and no doubt the folks over at Tesla.

For a quick recap, and for those living under a rock, the Tesla Model S is a luxury sports sedan built from the ground up by Tesla Motors, which is spearheaded by PayPal co-founder and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk, and marks the first time a vehicle not powered by an internal combustion engine has won Car of the Year since the award’s inception 64 years ago.

In addition to the Model S’ electric motor, Motor Trend cited the vehicles impressive design both exterior and interior, superb handling, and outstanding performance. The California-based automotive startup managed to beat out a host of other established vehicles from the likes of BMW (3 Series), Acura (ILX), two offerings from Cadillac (ATS and XTS), Dodge (Dart), and another pure EV in the form of the Coda Sedan. Other notable contenders included the Scion/Subaru (FRS/BRZ) as well as other green vehicles like the Toyota Prius C and Ford C-Max hybrid.