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Kia Ray PHEV Concept Appears at 2010 Chicago Auto Show


Kia Motors made a grand announcement today at the 2010 Chicago Auto Show, revealing its futuristic-looking Ray Plug-in Hybrid concept. Kia says that it wants to provide innovative and efficient vehicles with style and fuel economy. The new Kia Ray concept features an aerodynamic design with a flowing-profile, recycled materials, hexagonal roof-top solar cells embedded in the glass roof panel that power extra lighting or climate control systems, and a U-shaped rear to smooth out airflow. The Kia Ray has a 1.4-liter direct-injection four-cylinder gasoline engine that puts out 153 horsepower and a 78kW electric motor which is able to propel the Ray by itself over 50 miles on a full charge of battery.

The Ray has a fuel economy rating of more than 202 miles per gallon, and has a total range of 746 miles. Another green aspect of this cool new concept the GreenEdge system by Infinity Audio which, according to KIA, includes loudspeakers that “reduce power consumption and dissipation through lower self heating temperatures with increased acoustic performance, a better synergy between amplifier, speaker and vehicle.”


“It is important to imagine what people will want in the future from a green perspective early in the design process, because people want to reduce their carbon footprint without driving carbon copies,” says Peter Schreyer, chief design officer, Kia Motors Corporation. “Being green doesn’t have to be an obvious statement anymore and the Kia Ray exemplifies a viable blend of modern, eco-minded features for today’s environmentally conscious consumers.”

Kia claims actual concepts behind the Ray are not too far off in the future. The Ray caught a lot of eyes at the Auto Show today with its unique design and innovative green technology.

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