Kia previews its 2013 Geneva Motor Show concept

Kia 2013 Geneva Motor Show concept profileKia is bringing a new concept car to the Geneva Motor Show, and the Korean company says it will attract attention. We don’t even know the car’s name, but based on its styling, we definitely agree.

It looks Kia is testing out a new entry in the urban lifestyle segment, where cars like the Nissan Juke, Scion xB, and Kia’s own Soul combine fashion with practicality. The concept looks a little like an xB that crashed into a Juke.

At the front, the fascia is bold and upright. It’s interesting how little space is taken up by the grille, which is just a thin line connecting the headlights. The space between the grille and the lower air intakes (which are much smaller than they appear, thanks to contrasting panels) is quite large.

The stubby rear end, with its thick pillar and rounded fenders and taillights, brings the Juke to mind. The treatment helps give the Kia a sportier look, but that pillar and the relatively small amount of rear glass will probably hamper visibility.

Is this Kia’s version of the Juke? Kia already has the Soul, but a very small crossover with funky styling cues could compliment it the same way the Juke and Cube share space in Nissan showrooms.

We’ll find out what Kia has planned for this concept (along with its name) on March 5 at the Geneva Motor Show.