Kim Dotcom’s ego races F1 Champion Kimi Raikkonen round the Nurburgring

Kim Dotcom NurburgringKim Schmitz a.k.a Kim Dotcom, the man behind, appears to be keen to relive his days as an international playboy, and has published a video on his YouTube account demonstrating what life was like before his arrest in January 2012.

So what does a man with $175 million in the bank and a garage full of exotic cars do? Well, he grabs his friend, heads over to Germany and challenges former F1 World Champion Kimi Raikkonen to a blast around the Nurburgring.

While that would be classed as a good weekend for most people, it wasn’t quite enough for Dotcom, who decided to recreate what he describes as a “perfect lap” of the infamous track — Gran Turismo replay-style.

He gathered 30 cameras, two camera cars, two helicopters, one light plane and a crew of more than 100 people to film his day on the track, and the result is very impressive. In the YouTube blurb, it states that what we’re seeing isn’t even the final version, as it was seized when the FBI raided his New Zealand home.

It took 20 laps to gather all the correct shots, and it really is very reminiscent of a Gran Turismo or Forza replay. There’s a timer in the bottom right of the screen, and a map showing the car’s location in the top right, and the footage is a heady mixture of tracking shots, chase-cam, helicopter film and even some very Fast and Furious-style CGI too.

A Kim Dotcom production

The cars are “highly modified” Mercedes AMG CLK DTMs, two hardtops and a convertible, all three of which are particularly rare, with less than 200 ever being offered for sale in Europe. As standard they produce 582-horsepower from a supercharged 5.4-liter V8, and you can see at least one of them has a nitrous kit in the video.

The two hardtop cars wear Dotcom’s trademark “Good” and “Evil” license plates, with Kimi piloting the “Good” car, while the convertible was driven by fellow Megaupload executive Finn Batato with an “And” plate to complete the picture.

It’s also very much a Kim Dotcom production, as he’s listed as the producer and director, plus the narrator and a vocalist on the soundtrack, which he also wrote and his wife Mona performed.

Described in one sequence as a “street racing legend,” Dotcom has previously taken part in the Gumball Rally. It’s a wonder Dotcom could see anything out his CLK, as the view ahead must have been obscured by his ego.

Although currently out on bail, one of the stated conditions is that he cannot use the Internet, so the video was likely uploaded by someone else.

You can see the video below, but be warned, there’s some NSFW language in the soundtrack.