KITT from Knight Rider is going to auction … David Hasselhoff must need money

If you are a fan of the “classic” TV show Knight Rider, I have good news for you. And, no, someone isn’t offering a longer-lasting mullet gel or a free sample of anti-psychotic medication. No, it’s even better: the mightily modified Trans-Am KITT (Knight Industries Two Thousand) is for sale.

Sadly, this KITT is not the original prop car from the TV show, but it is arguably even more interesting. The car in question is a fan-built model that was gifted to Hasslehoff in his ’80s heyday. In fact, it’s still in his collection.

So why sell it now? The auction house doesn’t say, but we all know that mullet gel isn’t cheap.

The words ‘fan built’ may not inspire confidence. From the limited information we have, though, it looks like this is actually a pretty solid reproduction. The fans started with an ’86 Trans Am complete with 5.0-liter V8 and solidly terrible automatic transmission and started adding stuff.

Sadly, it doesn’t appear the fans managed to figure out KITT’s jet turbine powered turbo boost, so instead of 0 to 60 in 2.0 seconds and a 4.6 second standing quarter-mile, you will be stuck with a more pedestrian 7.8 and 15.9 seconds, respectively. But at least you will be able to outrun the odd evildoer in a minivan.

What this car loses in power, it makes up for in fun, geeky features. The interior is a picture perfect(ish) recreation … and you can even get KITT to talk to you. The car has over 4,000 recorded soundbites. What a thing to have on a date! Just think of how impressed he or she will be!

Though, the whole sentient Trans Am thing brings me to something that always bothered me about Knight Rider; if you can create a revolutionary artificial intelligence, why the hell would you put it to work fighting crime in the desert, let alone with a lunkhead?

Honestly, though, despite all my bad-mouthing, I kind of want this thing, especially because it looks to be available for a pretty reasonable price. Auction house Julien’s Live expects a final sale price of between $35,000 to $50,000 … plus the trivial costs of having it shipped to you from the museum in Ireland where it currently resides.

So if you are a diehard Knight Rider fan or just have more money than sense – though, come to think of it those things are kind of the same – please buy this thing and drop us a line. We’d like to go for a ride. Or at least have a chat with KITT.