Finally! Lamborghini releases video of the all-new Huracan in donut-y action

lamborghini releases teaser video amazing huracan donuts

Lamborghini has finally released a video of its newest car the Huracan in action. It’s actually the fourth in a series of videos, and as you may recall I was not a fan of the first three. This one does redeem the series somewhat, but that’s only because the Huracan is absolutely stunning.

If you haven’t seen the first three videos, and believe me you shouldn’t, they follow the three stupidest Brits in the world on their distinctly non-epic quest to break into the Lamborghini factory to get a look at the new Huracan. Oddly enough, the videos are called the “Hexagon Project”, even though there are four, not six of them. Though, I am just glad I didn’t have to watch two more. 

In this, the fourth video, the three odious bros find the car and take it for a spin. I can’t say that these two minutes of video make it all worthwhile … but it is close. The Huracan, especially in the metallic grey paint, is a looker. And then there is the noise, the big Lambo V10 sounds like the offspring of an F1 engine and a big block V8.

If nothing else, we know that the Huracan looks and sounds like a Lamborghini should. And given that Lambos have always been more about presence and passion than performance, that’s what really matters.

It is a bit odd that Lamborghini released a “teaser” after it already released the car’s official specs and images. It makes me think that things did not go exactly as planned here. But I can live with that because the Huracan is a beauty.

Still though, I have to say the most rewarding part of this video for me was seeing the heroes of the film get arrested. After having to watch them for 20 minutes, I think Lambo owed me that much. 

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