Lamborghini chops the Aventador’s top

Lamborghini Unica side viewIn the world of high-performance cars, Lamborghini is one of the most evocative names. The company’s flagship Aventador, with its outrageous styling, scissor doors, and massive V12 engine, is the poster child of supercars. It can hit 60 mph in 2.8 seconds and its looks cannot be ignored. Where could Lamborghini possibly go from here? How about a one-off roadster version?

Such a car may be making an appearance at the Geneva Motor Show. says the car in the above image, which it calls the Aventador J, will be there. Lamborghini released a teaser video for a car called Unica, which it says will be unveiled March 6 at 9:00 a.m. The engine in the video sounds like the Aventador’s V12, and what look like Aventador headlights can be seen in brief glimpses.

It would be a shame if this car was not real; it takes the styling of the Aventador coupe to a whole new level. Unlike most cars sold today, the Unica really is a roadster: it has no roof at all. It also doesn’t have a windshield which, along with the way the hood meets the center console to separate driver and passenger, makes the Unica look like a Star Wars airspeeder.

The rest of the body also looks like something out of a sci-fi movie. The front end blends the Aventador’s look with the pointed prows of the Murcielago SV and Gallardo SV. Elements of the sides and rear fascia that are normally body-colored are blacked-out for this roadster, which gives the Unica a sleeker profile view with less visual mass. The Unica is topped off with a fixed rear spoiler and spindly mirrors.

According to, only one Aventador J/Unica will ever be built, and this unique car will be sold to an extremely lucky (and wealthy) customer. So unlike a concept car, the Unica would be fully drivable, probably sharing its powertrain, suspension, etc. with the Aventador.Lamborghini Unica top view

Why would Lamborghini only make one Unica? Italy’s raging bull has done limited-production specials before. The Sesto Elemento started out as a concept car, then 20 examples were made for track use. Twenty $1.5 million Reventons were also made, along with a rumored 15 Reventon roadsters.

Lamborghini will definitely make an Aventador roadster to replace the Murcielago roadster, so the Unica could be a concept car that just happens to get sold after auto show season is over. The Gallardo Spyder was previewed by a flashy concept, the Concept S, which also had a twin-cockpit interior that separated the driver and passenger. Whatever Lamborghini’s true purpose is, it would be silly to build more than one of a car whose name means “only” in Italian.

The price of the one and only Unica was not announced, neither were any other details beyond Lamborghini’s shadowy teaser video. Is this car for real? Wait until 9:00 a.m. (Geneva time) on Tuesday to find out.

Updated: The roofless Aventador’s official name is the Aventador J, which references FIA Appendix J, a set of technical specifications for different classes of race cars. It also alludes to another one-off Lambo, the 1970 Jota.