Does Lamborghini’s teaser for the Geneva Auto Show mean the reveal of an Aventador SV?

From the looks of all the teases and pre-show announcements, next week’s Geneva Auto Show looks like it’s going to be packed with some exciting gearhead goodies. Not being one to miss a chance to party, Lamborghini has chimed in with its own teaser video, promising to debut the most reactive car Lambo has ever produced.

If you’re wondering what “reactive” means here, you’re not alone. According to the many inquiries made to the company’s twitter feed, reactive means the car is “faster than the speed of thought.”

It’s an interesting choice of word since, when discussing its newest vehicle, the Gallardo-replacing Huracán, they referred to the network of gyroscopes, accelerometers and sensors guiding the car’s behavior in dynamic drive situations as “active, not reactive.”

Lamborghini Aventador

Regardless, whatever is on the way should come with a large serving of insanity as throughout the blood-pumping visuals of the trailer is the sharp angular “S” that makes up half of the “SV” or Super Veloce logo. This badge usually indicates an extreme, track oriented variant of one of Lambo’s sports cars, like the Diablo SV and Murciélago SV.

We don’t think its too much of a stretch to theorize that an Aventador SV is in store for us for its unveiling on March 3rd. If so, this means we’re sure to be treated with one extremely crazy, track-tackling Lamborghini that will most likely have an increase in power over the 690 horsepower currently available from its 6.5-liter V12 engine.

Whatever it is, the mystery Lamborghini will be in good company as a few manufacturers will also be revealing a bevy of track-oriented sports cars. Throwing a bad bull into the mix just makes it all the more exciting.