Would you buy a Land Rover ‘Landy’? We’d much rather have a ‘Lancaster’ or ‘Defiant’

Land Rover has been having some trouble figuring out what to do now that its Defender model will be rendered wildly illegal across the globe, as new safety and emissions regulations take effect.

First it came up with the DC100 concept as a plausible replacement for – perhaps – the world’s most iconic of 4x4s. After Land Rover fans balked, Land Rover sent the Toyota-esque DC100 to the crusher and promised never to show it again.

This decisive show of support for its diehard fans had one big problem: it left the British automaker without a new, entry-level SUV.

Never one to be knocked down too long, the plucky Brits have made a significant move: Land Rover have named its next-gen SUV. It’s calling it the “Landy”, according to Autocar.


We here at Digital Trends love Land Rover. We admire the brand not only for its off-road prowess but also for its attention to detail and its passion for luxury, outside of the Defender. We’re quite excited, then, for a new entry-level Land Rover make landfall in America. We’re not so excited, though, by the name.

Land Rover has always had good, strong names: Defender, Discovery, Range Rover. Clearly, Land Rover loves alliteration as much as we do. But Landy? C’mon. You’re not Chevrolet, Land Rover. Get some dignity.

If you want to include part of your brand name in the moniker, how about reach back to WWII and call it the Lancaster, after the Avro Lancaster heavy bomber. Or maybe keep with the D theme and call it the Defiant, for the 1937 RAF machinegun fighter.

See? There are plenty of better names. And those are just the ones I came up with in 80 seconds. Try a bit harder, Land Rover.