Land Rover plans to bring its Discovery Vision Concept to life with SVX version

When Land Rover introduced the Discovery Vision Concept last year, its forward-thinking technology was impressive, but you were left with the feeling that we wouldn’t see any of it in production vehicles for a long time.

Fortunately, Land Rover plans to surprise us by offering an SVX version of the Discovery Sport. As a refresher, Jaguar Land Rover’s Special Vehicle Operations team creates high performance (SVR) and rugged (SVX) vehicle projects like the Range Rover Sport SVR and upcoming Land Rover Defender SVX.

What will most likely be known as the Discovery SVX, the model will be based on the next-generation Discovery, which is set for introduction sometime next year. Look for the SVX to arrive a year or two beyond that, says Autocar.

“There is a market for more off-road capability, so of course we’re looking at it,” SVO head John Edwards said. What will be unique to the Discovery SVX is that it won’t just be a lift kit and beefier tires. SVO engineers are reportedly focusing on new tech. that will make off-roading safer and less challenging for all skill levels.

For example, the Discovery Vision Concept’s “virtual pillars,” which eliminate blind spots, and its “transparent hood,” which displays a camera view of the ground beneath the hood onto the windshield are tech. candidates for the Discovery SVX.

Visibility is incredibly important when off-roading, and not just for rock crawling. Being able to spot deep holes and tire-piercing rocks without having a spotter will empower drivers to tackle more challenging roads with confidence.

A production version of the Discovery Vision concept could debut later this year in Paris, though Land Rover has not yet announced a specific date.

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