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UX concept takes Lexus’ love-it-or-hate-it design language to new heights

Lexus UX concept
Lexus has published the first official pictures of the UX concept that’s scheduled to make its official debut next week during the Paris Auto Show.

The UX wears an aggressive, head-turning look that builds on Lexus’ current design language. It sits high off the ground thanks in part to large alloy wheels, and it features a sleek silhouette that puts a much bigger emphasis on style than on function. Thin LED tail lamps, suicide rear doors, and tiny cameras in lieu of door mirror add a futuristic touch to the overall look.

The interior is even wilder than the exterior. The cabin is fitted with five screens; two that display the footage captured by the cameras that replace the mirrors, one that replaces the instrument cluster, one that runs the infotainment system, and another one on the long, sloping center console.

The dual exhaust pipes confirm that the UX concept isn’t purely electric, though technical details haven’t been published yet. However, Lexus has a history of showing concepts powered by its hybrid technology, so there’s a good chance that its newest crossover is no exception.

Lexus UX concept interior

Odds are the UX isn’t simply a wild design study built to woo show-goers in the French capital. Website Motor Authority points out that Lexus recently trademarked the nameplates UX 200, UX 250, and UX 250h in Europe and in Australia, among other places. And while automakers routinely protect names even if they’re not planning on using them, seeing the moniker show up on a concept suggests that a new addition to the Lexus lineup is right around the corner. The UX is expected to take the form of a subcompact crossover closely related to the upcoming Toyota C-HR.

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Stay tuned, as we likely won’t have to wait very long for the Lexus UX concept to make its full debut. The crossover will be shown to the public for the first time during the Paris Auto Show, and Digital Trends’ car team will be on location to bring you live images of it as soon as it’s unveiled.

Updated 9/23/2016 by Ronan Glon: Added official picture of the interior.

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