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Spice up your bachelor party with this six-wheeled smart fortwo-based limousine

File this one under “the answer to the question no one dared ask.” A German specialty coachbuilder named Limouzine has announced plans to travel to the Frankfurt Motor Show in order to introduce a smart fortwo-based limousine fitted with six wheels — seriously.

Cleverly named madeforsix, the limo is based on the last-gen fortwo that recently went out of production. It’s nearly identical to its stock counterpart from the tip of the front bumper to the base of the A-pillar, save for minor updates like blacked-out headlights and a discreet splitter on the bumper.

It’s party in the back beyond that. The Lilliputian city car’s wheelbase has been stretched by nearly 110 inches, and it has gained a second rear axle. All told, the madeforsix stretches approximately 216 inches long, a figure that makes it 15 inches longer than a Mercedes-Benz S-Class and over twice as long as a regular fortwo. The wild, over-the-top look is complemented by a set of black multi-spoke alloy wheels, tinted windows, a roof-mounted spoiler, and a registration number that, unsurprisingly, begins with the letters “LOLZ.”

smart MADEFORSIX Stretchlimousine by LIMOUZINE - Weltpremiere der smart Stretch Limo mit drei Achsen

A single gullwing door on the passenger side gives the occupants access to the cockpit, which is fully decked-out with a pair of leather-upholstered bench seats, TVs, LED ambient lighting, a champagne bar, several cupholders and a high-end sound system. As its name clearly implies, the madeforsix seats six adults including the driver.

Power comes from a rear-mounted engine that generates about 120 horsepower. That’s 20 more than even the most powerful Brabus-tuned second-gen fortwo, but Limouzine has not revealed what modifications it has made to the engine. There are no guarantees that it’s the stock engine, either, but there aren’t a whole lot of mills out there that can fit in the fortwo’s tiny engine bay.

What the future holds for Limouzine’s smart madeforsix won’t be announced until the start of the Frankfurt Motor Show.

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