How drag-racers do Christmas: the 500-hp SnowMonster is beautifully abominable

Santa baby, the ol’ flying sleigh has its benefits, I’m sure. When you make your rounds to Sweden, though, I suggest stopping by Lindberg Bros. Motorsports to pick up the V8-Powered SnowMonster for the rest of your runs.

Posted on the funny car racing team’s Youtube channel, brothers Jonnie and Johan say Merry Christmas by firing up the SnowMonster, a mish-mash of metal built solely for the purpose of winter shenanigans. This Christmas Frankenstein’s monster is sure to spook any nearby reindeer with its roaring, flame-spitting powerplant.

Lindberg Bros. SnowMonster

According to the site Boss Cat Legacy, the SnowMonster was built on a Volvo Duett frame by LIndberg Bros. mechanic and patriarch, Lars Erik Lindberg. A 7.4-liter V8 engine by Chevrolet cooks up between 550 to 600 horsepower. It sends that power through a Chevy automatic transmission fitted with a Hurst shifter, mated to the treads from an Arctic Cat Lynx snowmobile.

Looking past the 1923 Ford replica body kit, this is essentially a V8 with skates, and it looks like one hell of a plaything. You’d expect nothing less from a family who races a car that does 268 mph and has a 0 to 60 time that’s under 1.0 second.

So, Mr. Claus, while it doesn’t look like there’s a place for a gargantuan sack of toys, I’m sure the crazy Swedes who built the thing will be more than happy to throw a truck bed of some kind on the back. Just don’t wrap it around a tree, and you’ll be finished in half the time.