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Connect your unconnected car with Logitech ZeroTouch

ZeroTouch Smart Car Mount
Do you love your car but think about trading to get something a bit more “connected?” Logitech may have you covered with its ZeroTouch Air Vent and Dashboard smart car mounts. The promise is hands-free, eyes-free voice interaction with your smartphone to send and receive text messages and apps messages, and support for hands-free calling, navigation, and even Spotify music control.

The $60 Logi Airvent model, available in black, red, and white, snaps onto an air vent vane. The $80 Dashboard model, in black only, mounts right on the dashboard via suction cup. The names say it all. You connect your Android 4.4 or above smartphone physically to the ZeroTouch mounts by built-in universal magnets, and wirelessly by Bluetooth.  Logitech says the ZeroTouch modules work with most in-car Bluetooth systems.

Once you’ve downloaded the Zerotouch app on your smartphone and paired your phone with the mount, you’re ready to go, according to Logitech. You wake up the ZeroTouch app and mount with a hand gesture in front of the screen and after that you’re supposed to be able to talk freely on phone calls, send and receive text messages, and message by voice with Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts, and WhatsApp. If you use Glympse, the ZeroTouch app handles that, too, so people who you’ve set up for your trip can track your location.

Logitech says you can associate your phone with multiple ZeroTouch mounts. That’s especially handy if you have them in more than one car. Also, up to four phones can be associated with a single mount. The internal battery is rated to last for two years.

If the ZeroTouch mounts do all Logitech says they can, it sounds like you won’t have to trade in your beloved older ride in order to have a connected car, after all.

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