Lord of the ‘Ring: Ecclestone says he will “do everything” to save Nürburgring

Lord of the 'Ring Ecclestone says he will do everything to save Nürburgring

With the Nürburgring in real danger of going bankrupt, and as the “Green Hell” continues to operate in the red, the shining light of hope that the ‘Ring will be rescued from its financial woes is beginning to flicker, with racing fans and auto enthusiasts alike extremely worried over its fate. It seems unimaginable, but we might have to consign ourselves to a world without the legendary circuit. That is, unless a hero emerges and saves it.

Well, maybe an unlikely and much disliked “hero.”

F1 Zone reports that British business magnate, and F1 boss, Bernie Ecclestone has pledged to “do what he can”  to keep the historic racetrack on the upcoming F1 schedule, going so far as to waive the usual race sanctioning fee – a figure which typically hovers around $30 million –  in order for the F1 to make its way to the Nürburgring for the 2013 German grand prix.


That generosity, ironically, will come at a price though. While Ecclestone is willing to waive the fee, the uncharacteristically altruistic F1 chairman stated that he would “bear all costs, but also claim all revenues.” Now, we’re not sure how much that would actually help the beleaguered track, but at this point it seems every option, save for selling the track itself,  is being explored.

Right now the famous circuit is undergoing an insolvency process. Should it continue, and if no one steps in to save it, the reality is we may lose one of the most iconic tracks in the history of racing. According to circuit officials there remains only a small window of opportunity for a deal to be struck between themselves and Ecclestone.

Here’s hoping Bernie can save the ‘Ring.