Love on the road: Road trips strengthen relationships, says YourTango and Ford

Ford Fusion

Love and relationship-focused media company YourTango has paired with Ford to take on an interesting survey. They are asking couples what effect road trips have on their love life. Surprisingly, the majority of couples say road trips and time in the car together have a positive impact on relationships.

“The survey also reveals that more than 77 percent of couples look forward to taking more trips with their significant other,” according to the Ford press release.

This finding is in stark contrast to the clichéd concept of family road trips, which seem to cause more harm than good to the family unit, take National Lampoon’s Vacation movie series for perfect example.

The survey also uncovered that couples prefer sedans for road trips, which – again –surprised us. We would have chosen a wagon, CUV, or SUV for sheer utility reasons.

Pushing aside the lifestyle and vehicular choices of the couples polled, we did find one pull quote rather amusing, “Togetherness in the car is conducive to some of the most meaningful conversations, sharing affection, enjoying quality time, and having fun and adventure.” Sharing affection in the car, eh? Whatever could that mean?

Ford, of course, used this information to try to sell couples on the new Ford Fusion, saying it’s fuel-efficient, cool, and tech-savvy, which it is. No mention was made of back seat roominess for some reason.

So now you know, a long, arduous road trip in a sedan spells romantic success. The open summer road awaits!