Lucky guys and gals at Google get first spin at new 2012 Ford Focus Electric


While there are undoubtedly many benefits to working for internet search company, and overall world powerhouse, Google — it looks like we can now add access to cars that aren’t even available yet to that list. Which is exactly what happened when the lucky folks over at Google were recently treated to an all new 2012 Ford Focus Electric.

Right now Ford is taking pre-orders on its exciting new zero emissions, gas-free, all-electric car, and while the general public must wait well into the year to reserve a shot at getting one — of which only a limited number will be produced for the 2012 model year — it looks like Ford’s new all-electric Focus was presented to Google just before Christmas.


While an all new zero emissions, all-electric Focus is certainly an achievement in its own right, what truly impresses about the Focus is its speedy charging time. The new Ford EV is exclusively powered by a 23 kwh high-voltage lithium-ion battery and can reach a full charge on its 240-voly outlet in a little over three hours. To add some perspective, Ford’s closest rival, the Nissan Leaf, takes almost twice as long.

While we’re still a little skeptical of the 2012 Ford Focus Electric’s steep sticker price, we are excited to see what the folks over at Google make of their shiny new 2012 Ford Focus Electric – and even more excited to see the general reaction from the public once the cars come rolling off the assembly line and into the hands of consumers. 

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