Magellan wants you to explore the outdoors with off-road vehicle navigation

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Outdoorsmen and outdoorswomen of the world, we have good news and bad news.

The good news is that Magellan, a company known for its navigation and outdoor expertise, will soon offer Off Road Vehicle (ORV) navigation for automotive and power sport vehicles, with 3D terrain maps covering all of the United States and Canada.

The bad news? If you manage to get lost, you no longer have any excuse.

The software includes detailed trail maps with 3D terrain and contour elevation lines, as well as markings for scenic byways, crowd-sourced trails, third party trail guides, and service roads. There are also point-of-interest menus for food, gas, lodging, and other general utilities.

It goes even further than that, because Magellan’s software also includes an online user community where would-be bushwackers can discuss their favorite routes, exchange pictures, and comment on particular trails. There’s even a feature that can link your device to social media, and post all your outdoorsy memories to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Magellan Off Road Vehicle

“The Magellan ORV navigation software is designed and targeted specifically to reach off-road and outdoor enthusiasts,” said Stig Pedersen, Magellan’s Associate Vice President of Product Management. “It allows customers to use their technology to participate in and share their trail and outdoor experiences. It reflects the interests of technology savvy off-road enthusiasts, and makes off-roading achievable for aspiring off-road enthusiasts.”

Companions apps for iOS and Android devices will be available as well, which will make it easier for explorers to locate trails, record them, and share their adventures with others. Pricing will come at a later date. Magellan’s ORV software is compatible with all major infotainment platforms.

If you’re in the Detroit area, stop by the Magellan booth (#M168) at the 2015 TU-Automotive event for more information and product demonstrations. The show runs from June 3rd to June 4th.