Magna Steyr MILA Plus hybrid concept revealed ahead of 2015 Geneva Motor Show

Magna Steyr MILA Plus

Magna Steyr builds cars, but not under its own name. The Austrian company contracts with established brands for specific manufacturing jobs, including the Mercedes-Benz G-Class and Aston Martin Rapide.

Occasionally, though, Magna gets sick of building other people’s cars and decides to design one of its own.

The company has built several concept cars over the years, including the SUV-convertible-pickup truck chimera MILA Coupic from 2012. It’s latest effort is the more straightforward MILA Plus hybrid sports car.

Set to debut at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show next week, the MILA Plus features an aluminum chassis, composite body panels, and that aforementioned electrified powertrain.

Magna Steyr MILA Plus

A three-cylinder gasoline engine is teamed with two electric motors to give the car all-wheel drive. Running on both gasoline and electric power, Magna says the powertrain produces 270 horsepower and 428 pound-feet of torque.

That’s enough for a 0 to 62 mph time of 4.9 seconds. The MILA Plus can also drive up to 43 miles on electric power alone, and features a battery pack that’s integrated into the chassis for added structural rigidity.

The mid-engined coupe seems to borrow a bit of styling from the Lotus Evora, particularly around the roof, but with a greater emphasis on aerodynamics.

Two large side intakes replace the traditional front grille, and there are cameras instead of side-view mirrors to further help the MILA Plus cheat the wind.

Magna has no interest in selling cars of its own, so the MILA Plus will remain a concept. It should look pretty good on the Geneva Motor Show stand, though.

Magna Steyr MILA Plus