Mangusta Legacy Concept aims to honor the memory of famous Italian sports car

Every so often we come upon a concept car that, despite not offering any sort of real world specifications or possibility of coming to fruition, offers an unprecedented display of what makes a concept car design both refined, yet appropriately edgy.

Seen here, the Mangusta Legacy Concept was developed by designer and illustrator Maxime de Keiser. The Mangusta Legacy is a modern reimagining of the classic Mangusta produced by Italian automobile manufacturer De Tomaso between 1967 and 1971.

At first glance you may notice how much the Mangusta Legacy Concept (Mangusta translates to Mongoose in Italian) hugs the ground. It possesses an extremely low profile, making it quite aerodynamic and reducing drag. Where its real life inspiration featured minimal bodywork, the Legacy introduces a busier series of air intakes, vents and spoilers. A quick glance towards the windshield also exhibits a uniquely raked viewing angle that would be difficult to see over, firmly echoing why the Mangusta Legacy is, and shall remain, a concept. Still, we can certainly appreciate the design, and wouldn’t mind seeing one of these actually take shape, even if it’s only a one off.