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The stunning Manifesto concept wins Ferrari’s Top Design School Challenge

When you ask a smattering of design students from around the globe to envision the Ferrari of 2040, you’re bound to get a mixed bag of results. This has never been more evident than in Ferrari’s Top Design School Challenge, because in its third iteration, entries ranged from sci-fi-inspired supercars to ultramodern interior concepts that appear to float on air.

Alas, there can only be one winner. This time around, the Ferrari Manifesto concept from France’s ISD-Rubika design school was awarded “Gran Premio Assoluto” honors, earning high marks for its sleek exterior, breathtaking door mechanism, and cohesive overall vision. Unlike many of the other entrants, the Manifesto’s body, interior, and even its running gear are fleshed out, which impressed the star-studded jury of Ferrari engineers, drivers, and collectors. Could the Manifesto really preview the Ferrari of 2040? We certainly hope so.

Manifesto project - Ferrari Top Design School Challenge 2015

The Manifesto may have gotten top billing this year, but a very honorable mention went to the FL concept from Germany’s Hochschule Pforzheim school. Looking like something out of the Star Wars prequels, the FL is actually an interpretation of a future Ferrari cabin, one that embraces unorthodox shapes, materials, and technologies. All vehicle dynamics like steering, braking, and acceleration are controlled through the FL’s steering wheel, which moves forward and backward like a horizontally-opposed piston. In place of the pedals sits a movable foot support, and each seat features its own cooling unit and floating headrest.

The Top Design School Challenge also features an online poll section, where everyday fans decide the winner of the “Premio Speciale” award. This year, the striking de Esfera concept from Hongik University in Seoul, Korea came out on top. No matter the winner though, after looking through these concepts, we think you’ll agree that the future of Ferrari is very bright indeed.

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