Marshawn Lynch puts rumors to rest, tells us he is absolutely retired from football

A man typically of few words, former Buffalo Bills and Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch just put the final nail in his retirement coffin. While speaking to Digital Trends during a recent collaboration for our 2016 Car Awards, the enigmatic face of Skittles bluntly explained that he will not be returning to professional football.

“I’m newly retired,” Lynch said as he joked about moonlighting as an Uber driver. When further pressed about whether he’d actually hung up his cleats for good and retired, Lynch told 503 Motoring‘s Tim Walbridge, “Alright well look, let me just clear this up for you [to straighten out] all that shit you been reading; I am. I am [retired].”

Contradicting recent rumors, Lynch further cemented his retirement when he sat down for a pre-recorded interview with 60 Minutes Sports recently, in which Sports Illustrated writer Jon Wertheim continued to hammer the former pro about his future plans. While referencing how “obvious” a story line it would be to join his hometown Oakland Raiders, Wertheim was essentially silenced by Lynch after it appeared as though the former pro was beyond fed up with the repeated line of questioning.

“I’m retired,” Lynch said while looking rather annoyed. “Is that good enough? Which camera do you want me to look into? I’m done. I’m not playing football anymore.”

Without breaking eye contact with Wertheim, the Oakland native put to rest all rumors of a supposed NFL comeback. So what’s Lynch to do now that he’s officially, officially retired?

Along with his self-proclaimed affinity for driving for Uber when he’s bored, Lynch said that he’s going to increase focus on his Fam 1st Family Foundation.

“Football [has only] been a part of my life,” Lynch told Digital Trends. “I have a foundation that I’ve run for the last 10 years and I like to go out around the world and try and help in many different places that I can. Just this year alone I’ve been to Egypt [and] I just got back from Haiti [where we] went and built a school.”

Of course, he’s not above having fun, including as a guest judge for Digital Trends’ 2016 Car Awards. Check back June 21 to see Lynch and the DT automotive team push the hottest new cars to their limits in our quest to find the best in every category.