Geneva-bound McLaren P1 GTR is the track car of our dreams … and nightmares

The McLaren P1 is probably one of the most exciting hypercars on the streets today. With a top speed limited… yes limited, to 217 mph, the over 900-horsepower hybrid is rewriting the book on what a supercar is. Still, as a street legal car, it is subject to a myriad of restrictions. What could McLaren create without those shackles? The answer is the terrifying McLaren P1 GTR.

Debuting this year at the Geneva Auto Show, the P1 GTR is the track exclusive version of its P1 hybrid hypercar. Its mid-mounted 3.8-liter V8, combined with an electric motor, has had its output boosted to 986 horsepower. This, combined with massive weight reduction work translates to a 690-hp per tonne power-to-weight ratio.

Many Formula 1-derived features will be available in the vehicle, such as the ERS kinetic recovery system that offers a boost in horsepower when that stored battery power is unloaded. The fixed wing in the rear also sports a drag reduction system (DRS) that provides downforce for turns, but deforms to let air pass through when quicker straight-line speed is needed.

The entry price for the P1 hasn’t been yet stated, but part of the entry fee is ownership of a McLaren P1 first, so anyone curious to get down on this must be one of the 375 people who have already purchased the sold out limited edition run of the hybrid hyper car. Anyone meeting this prerequisite can then participate in the P1 GTR driving program that takes them on a journey to drive on iconic racing circuits across the globe. The program also includes a regiment from the McLaren driver fitness team to ensure participants are in tip-top shape, as well as extensive simulation time at the automaker’s technology center in Woking, England. We’ll have our drool bibs ready for the reveal in March.