McLaren: Good at building supercars, bad at naming them

The McLaren MP4-12C is quite possibly the worst name for a vehicle ever, which is quite a shame as it’s tacked onto one of the world’s finest supercars. Now, however, McLaren has added a few more: GT3.

The unfortunately named MP4-12C GT3 is full-fledged racecar suited for the FIA GT3 championship, but available now for purchase by virtually anyone who has $345,742 to burn. For that money you get quite a machine.

McLaren takes the standard twin-turbocharged 3.8-liter V8 and tunes it for racing, adding upgraded electrics and a special ECU. McLaren then removes the seven-speed paddle-shifter transmission and replaces it with a Ricardo transmission, which has been specially designed for racing.

The GT3 body is 100 mm wider and features an updated aerodynamics package, including a front splitter, door blade, rear wing, diffuser, and front fender louvers. McLaren has also removed the “ProActive” traction control system and replaced it with a set of racing anti-roll bars. Keeping the MP4-12C GT3 planted to the road is an F1-inspired suspension system. McLaren has also upped the cooling system, which is essential for endurance races.

Yes, $345,742 is a lot for a racecar. But it’s not really that much considering you’re getting a race-spec supercar in which you could compete in the FIA GT3 series. Surely it will only be a matter of weeks before some Saudi Prince wraps one around a camel or Texas oil baron rolls one trying to break the sound barrier on Route 66.